About us

The "Syndicat d'Initiative et de Tourisme" is the owner and operator of the campground "Camping du Barrage" in Rosport.  In addition it is representing the touristic stakeholders from the municipality of Rosport in different organizations, mostly on regional level. It organizes as well some activities and projects in the touristic domain.


B.P. 10 L - 6406 ROSPORT

Tel/Fax : + 352 73 03 36

e-mail: campingrosport@pt.lu

Camping du Barrage route d'Echternach L-6580 ROSPORT

Tel: + 352 73 01 60

Fax: + 352 73 51 55

Geöffnet vom/Open from/Ouvert à partir/ 15.3 - 31.10:

e-mail: campingrosport@pt.lu



Osweiler Claude (President)
Ceccon Armand (Vice-President)
Grethen Pierre (Treasurer)
Feltes Véronique
Gruber-Diederich Marguy
Hierthes Patrick
Krippes René
Majchrzack Frenz
Wehenkel-Decker Mariette